Research & Development

Research & Development

Cannabis produces over 100 different cannabinoids that have high therapeutic potential. Yet, due to many challenges in the traditional approach to manufacture these active compounds from crops, a consistent high yield of the different cannabinoids is difficult to achieve. At Fairway Green Cannabis our focus is to harvest the power of genetic engineering to develop foundational tools for the industry.  Our proprietary technology will feed into our pipeline to generate engineered strains of microbes that will offer substantial reductions to the cost and time of the manufacturing process as well as facilitate consistency, quality and control over the end product.

In addition to cultivating strands for medical and pharmaceutical applications Fairway Green Cannabis goal is to develop several biosensors for a better control over Cannabis production lines and we will develop novel enzymes to improve the yield of natural and novel cannabinoids.

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Our Mission

To bring science and new technologies to the Cannabis 2.0 market.